MZ9 Fitness Retreats

Grand Palladium Sicilia Resort & Spa, Sicily

8th June 2023 (3 nights)

This Fitness Holiday Is One Of The Greatest Gifts You Can Give Your Life!

Break the habits of the old you with the guidance of Miky & Marco. Mental and physical conditioning equips you for life's challenges. This Daily structure to fall into and take home with you will reshape your life.

You’ll Leave the Sicily With...

  • Persistent power habits, determination and a fresh outlook
  • Structured training and Nutrition that works for you
  • Re-energised sense of self esteem
  • New growth mindset
  • New friendship circle
  • Harness the pleasure vs pain ratio to never lose motivation in life again

MZ9 Spain Retreat

28th September 2023 (3 nights)

This Fitness Holiday Is One Of The Greatest Gifts You Can Give Your Life!

Designed to increase your mental resolve, break through physical boundaries and limiting beliefs, adopt a new growth mindset and feel the strength within the community! Visit beautiful locations with new friends and partake in exhilarating activities like archery or trapeze, or unwind with some yoga or even a round of golf.

The daily schedule is flexible so, tap in and out as you need. Our
advice is to soak it all up, attend the whole itinerary and get the most out of your chance to reprogram a new you.

Coaches and brothers, Miky and Marco are with you every step of the way and offer support long before you arrive with nutritional guidance and long after your stay with ongoing consults and encouragement within the MZ9 Community.

Just a Few of Our Success Stories

"I got more confidence, lost weight, and feel better about myself"


"The sessions were fantastic, I felt energised after them"


"I lost 10lbs and 6cm off my waist!"

chris & Debbie

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