MZ9 Will Help You Get Back in Shape and Regain Your Fitness in Just 6 Weeks

Have you found you are not as fit, toned and strong as you used to be?

Do you miss being part of a team or community?

You know that training with others and following a structured training plan will help you see the best results and stay motivated long term.

We know what it's like to be part of a community

Let us introduce ourselves, we are Miky & Marco Zanirato. We moved from Italy with the aim of playing a few seasons of rugby in England.

As club and international level rugby players we were used to having a supportive community that helped hold us accountable to training and made staying in shape fun, and sociable. When we stopped playing rugby we found ourselves lost. We soon realised we missed having a team or group to train with. We found we missed having a coach to hold us accountable or set goals. We found ourselves going to the gym without any purpose and losing momentum every few weeks.

After deciding we wanted to get back in shape and push ourselves we set new goals and found a coach to help us achieve those goals.

We realised we were not the only one's that struggled though. Many people find themselves lost when it comes to getting in shape. Constantly starting and stopping workout plans and diets, never really seeing the results they want or staying motivated long term.

This is why we created MZ9, and over the years we have helped hundreds of people lose weight, tone up and fall back in love with fitness. Somewhere that we can support you with personalised workouts, simple to follow nutrition, accountability and community to help keep you on track

You Will See More Success With MZ9

We will help you succeed by making your journey to getting and staying in shape more enjoyable and fun, and more effective here's how:

  • A supportive community - Our welcoming, non-judgemental members will make you feel like you are part of a team.
  • Customised training approach - we believe your workout plan should be tailored to your current fitness and goals, that's why we customise your training plan to your specific needs.
  • Effective sustainable nutrition - Your nutrition plan should be easy to follow and help you achieve your goals. We believe in a simple approach that is easy to follow long term so it is more sustainable.
  • Additional support - When you train with MZ9 you become part of the team and we will support you both at training and in your every day life. Making sure you see the best results possible.

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Just a Few of Our Success Stories

"I have dropped 5lbs and built muscle."

Lizzie & Louisa

"My fitness has gone up, my weight has come down and my mobility has become much better"


"My goal was to get stronger and put on muscle, and I have definitely achieved that!"


Arrange a Call to Discover How We Can Help You Get Back Into Shape Today