Please help us to Welcome our NEW entry!

Just Arrived in the past few days and already went CRAZY!

Our NEW MZ9 TROOPERWATER BOTTLE is what you need to build your new drinking habit. 

Yes, Water Drinking Habit!

How much should you drink during the day?

We generally say at least 2L per day as minimun but to be more specific you should calculate the right quantity with your body weight. 

But let’s start with the minimun at least. 

The majority of people struggle to reach the 2L per day for many reason. 

You forget to fill little water bottles. 
You loose track during the day.
Refill is becoming boring and time consuming!

Why will you drink more with our 2.2L Water Bottle?

  • You have to refill once per day and you know that you MUST empty it before going to bed. 

You MUST….Is like saying you MUST sleep, you MUST eat, you MUST DRINK. No other ways! 

RESULTS at the end of the day??

  • You will feel less tired.
  • You will actually have much more energy. 
  • You will find easier to keep the concentration during work. 
  • It will help you to get rid of body weight and body fat….yes you won’t believe it!


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