MZ9 Sports and pain injury clinic.

A bespoke functional approach to both pain and rehabilitation.

At MZ9 our approach to musculoskeletal pain and pathology, using up to date research practices for our members and non-members.
Combining manual therapy, rehabilitation,  corrective exercise and strength and conditioning enabling all clients from all works of life to achieve autonomy in the pursuit of a pain free active lifestyle.

A systemic comprehensive approach to both treatment and orthopaedic assessment using, good static measurements, postural analysis, range of motion assessments, stability/movement and gait assessments.

The Sports injury clinic, in conjunction with the strength and conditioning at MZ9 is a full movement based practice focusing on a primal pattern system of functional movement patterns, and applied functional science a 3D approach to functional biomechanics.

Our Sports and movement therapist;

Steven Hollinshead BSc (Hons) 07841489116

Steven comes with 20 years’ experience as a personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach and a movement based specialist.

His life’s work and his pursuit in rehabilitation, began extensively with the CHEK institute in spinal rehabilitation, and sports performance in San Diego.

A need for good soft tissue skills led to a diploma in Sports and remedial therapy, and a 5 year degree in Osteopathy followed, along with certifications in Applied Functional Science (CAFS) and a brain based approach to functional neurology.

Steven believes in his system of a functional approach to both manual therapy and rehabilitation, a strong understanding in functional anatomy, and a systemic approach combining postural, stability, strength and power enables his clients and patients to lead a full active pain free life. 

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