In the last 2 – 3 years our Community has been growing exponentially with people that lives around us.

During Covid-19 we have realised that we have many more supporter that are far away from us and so unable to benefit from our training.

We HATE IT!….Well we hate the fact that they can’t come to us!

So, thank you Covid-19 that teached us how to work online even more. We are ready to launch our ONLINE 1to1 TRAINING PLATFORM that will allow us to follow people remotely a training app and video call conference. In the plan you will get:

  • 7 day per week training plan.
  • Personalised Nutrition coaching that is flexible, family friendly, simple and above all effective long.
  • Accountability and Support 24/7 to make sure you are doing the work and stay on track day by day.

There are many benefits in having an Online Coach, especially for people very busy with work and family. You will chose to train at home or at the gym. Completely up to you! We will build your program around you!

Most of the people that decide to have an online coach they want to train at home so they can:

  • Save money on gym membership
  • Save travel time.
  • You can train with your kids or partner around and not take time off them.

Everything will be discussed with you during your e-consultation that you can BOOK HERE

See you SOON!!