Fitness Testimonials

“After four weeks doing the 12 week programme I am feeling physically fitter and stronger. I never really had a lot of upper body strength but now the arm workouts are getting easier. I still struggle but can feel them getting easier! I can also see my arms getting slightly more shape. I enjoy the leg and cardio workout and it definitely is challenging but out of all I can see a differed in my legs as they are more toned after 4 weeks. The ab workouts are quite simple but also a great one that is easily done at home. I an see I am losing weight around my tummy however I think my eating lets me down 😞.

Overall I can definitely see the results and am enjoying the programme because when I go to the gym I know what I’m doing and don’t mess around trying to make up my own workouts. 
Have looked at my photos today and compared them and can see results 
Yay thanks Miky!!!!!”


“At a time when I felt I needed to build on my physical strength to maintain a strong mind, I decided to try out Miki’s personal training.  I was not a member of a gym or even a regular exerciser.  However, Miki was happy to take on the challenge.  He has been wonderful.  He has managed to assess what I am capable of, and builds on it week-by-week.  He changes the exercises to alleviate boredom, but maintains the elements that I love (boxing and running, in my case).  He provides the physical challenge that I so wanted, and his warm-ups and cool-downs have ensured that I have not once ached the next day or even the day after.  In addition to this, he is a lovely person.  A good companion to work out with, and a kind spirit during difficult times.  He has dealt with an emotional undercurrent admirably.  I would thoroughly recommend him as a personal trainer.”